Family Lice Service is here to help. We understand that you are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, and we want to take care of your family as soon as possible. Before your appointment, please make sure that your child’s hair is clean, dry and detangled. Kids have trouble sitting still, so it’s a good idea to have a favorite movie or handheld game and snack available. We can work in most areas of your home and can bring extra lighting and adjustable seating to make the process as easy as possible.

Keep in mind, if one of your children has lice, it’s likely that other members of the family do as well (even if they are not itching and scratching). We will check all members of the household as part of your child’s treatment but may not be able to treat all cases identified in your home immediately. We can help you minimize risk of re-infestation by doing an initial comb out to remove live bugs and schedule a full treatment to remove nits as soon as possible. If your child splits their time between 2 households we will work with you to get bonus family checked as well.

If your child is itching and uncomfortable before we can get to you, don’t go running for a box of RID! A safe temporary measure is to wash hair with a non-toxic, mint based shampoo and conditioner, then run a good lice comb through wet hair to remove as many bugs as you can.


It is not necessary to drive yourself crazy cleaning your house top to bottom, fumigating, or throwing away anything your child has been in contact with! Lice cannot survive long away from a human head, and we will leave you with some light housekeeping instructions for keeping your house lice free after treatment. Most importantly, be sure to follow up with your complimentary rechecks after treatment.

Lice is a head problem not a house problem. Most cases are transmitted through head to head contact. Be sure to keep long hair tied up in a bun or tightly braided until your child is treated, and whenever they are in close contact with other children. Lice leave a scent identifying desirable environments, so it’s good to be extra cautious for the 30 days following treatment. Preventative sprays with mint or tea tree can be effective deterrents. We suggest using one of these products and tying long hair up in a tight braid or bun as part of your morning routine.

After dealing with a case of head lice, most families want to know, “HOW CAN WE MAKE SURE THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN??!!” Our best advice is to make prevention a normal part of your routine. Using mint spray when your kids are exposed to other children is a good start. Invest in a good comb (we recommend the Terminator) and spend 3-5 minutes combing at least once a week. If you do find a bug, it will be much easier to treat at that point than when you have a full blown case brewing for several weeks. We want to leave you armed with all the tools and education you need to keep your family lice free.

Unfortunately, when your child got lice, they almost certainly gave it away to other children as well. Be a friend and tell a friend! You may feel embarrassed, but the truth is lice happens to the best of us. Your close contacts will be grateful for the warning, and you will be able to stop passing this unpleasant gift back and forth between classmates, friends and family.  Above all, try to maintain a sense of humor! Your child will sense your level of stress and can feel like they’ve done something wrong. It is often the most loving and affectionate kids that hug, snuggle and pick up a case of lice, be sure to tell them that the lice are smart–they know who is the sweetest!